Heartland Skies

Heartland Skies

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Title: Heartland Skies

Author: Melody Carlson

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used - Acceptable

ISBN: 1576732649


From the Back Cover


"All is not well in Paradise. In fact, when Jayne's fiancé dumps her for his high school sweetheart, the eastern Oregon town doesn't feel a bit like paradise. But Jayne has a teaching contract, and she's never been a quitter. Besides, the kids in her kindergarten classroom need her.

Then, to her delight, she wins herself a horse! It doesn't matter to her that Bailey is half-Arabian. But in this land of cowboys and quarter horses, it matters a lot to the locals. It takes some fancy talking on Jayne's part to convince the local rancher Harris McAllister even to board the outcast.

It makes no difference to Jayne that many of the children she works with are Native American, either. But it's going to take more than fancy talking to convince the residents of Paradise to open their hearts.

Paradise needs the same miracle Jayne and Harris need: the miracle of love."