A Darkening Stain

A Darkening Stain by Robert Wilson

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Title:A Darkening Stain

Author: Robert Wilson

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used - Good

ISBN: 9780156011310

When schoolgirls begin to disappear on the West African coast, "troubleshooter" Bruce Medway tries to remain detached. Meanwhile, he reluctantly accepts a job from his former nemesis, the mafia capo Roberto Franconelli. Bruce now has forty-eight hours to find a French trader named Marnier whom not even the mafia can track. Finding the man will mean the end of his life‚ and failure is not an option.¬†

As Bruce sets out on his assignment, he discovers that it is deeply connected‚through gold, greed, and superstition‚ to the unsettling schoolgirl disappearances. Uncovering the secrets of rich and powerful men can be deadly in a world where corruption abounds. With nowhere to turn for safe haven, Bruce must devise a scam that risks everything in order to stay alive.