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The View From the Lighthouse

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Title: The View From the Lighthouse

Author: Melody Carlson

Binding: Hardcover

Condition: Used - Very Good



Diane Spencer has just moved to beautiful Marble Cove, Maine, to start a new life and to finally write that novel she’s always dreamed about. She settles into her new home and meets her neighbors, including Shelley, a young mom trying to make ends meet, Margaret, a friendly artist, and Beverly, a reserved businesswoman who only  comes to Marble Cove on weekends.  But the four women discover that they have all survived a miraculous brush with death and have been given a second chance at life. Is this just a coincidence? Or has God brought them together for a reason? One evening, as Diane is taking a walk along the rocky shore by her house, she sees something strange- a flash from the Orlean Point Lighthouse. The lighthouse has always been a fixture in Marble Cove, but it’s been deserted for decades. Is Diane seeing things? But then her three friends see the mysterious light too. It seems unreal- until the beacon’s beam flashes at exactly the right moment to help save a man’s life! No one understands what made the light flare, but they all begin to realize that God has a plan for them that they are only beginning to imagine.