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A Basket Brigade Christmas

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Title: A Basket Brigade Christmas: Three Women, Three Love Stories, One Country Divided

Author: Judith Miller, Nancy Moser, Stephanie Grace Whitson

Binding: Paperback

Condition: Used - Very Good

ISBN: 9781630584504


Not even the Civil War can smother the spirit of Christmas, especially in the town of Decatur, Illinois, in 1862, where the ladies of the Basket Brigade board trains to minister to Union soldiers, offering fried chicken, pickled peaches,pound cake, and other dainties to men who haven't eaten a home-cooked meal since enlisting. Join Sarah, Lucy, and Zona, three compassionate members of the brigade, as they care for wounded heroes--and find love along the way.
A STITCH IN TIME by Stephanie Grace Whitson:  Wealthy Lucy Maddow isn't as vulnerable as other women whose men are off at war, but that doesn't mean she's immune to heartbreak and loneliness. Opening her grand home to the local sewing society brings not only friendship and a growing self-confidence, but also a life-changing surprise.
A PINCH OF LOVE by Judith Miller: Shy and compassionate Sarah McHenry is eager to assist the other women with the war effort--unless it means stepping onto trains that carry wounded Civil War soldiers.  When forced to set aside her fears, Sarah gains an unexpected confidence and the possibility of a soldier's love.
ENDLESS MELODY by Nancy Moser:  At age thirty-five, Zona Evans is a spinster music teacher.  To bring comfort to the soldiers on the train she arranges for carolers to entertain the men.  She has no idea that her life is on a path that will intersect with a long-lost love.